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Alligator Fun Facts

Tom and Jerry's Airboat Rides offers you these interesting, and fun facts about the Florida Alligator. Some of what we say here may be pure malarkey ... but most of it is true. While you are visiting the Central Florida area, come take an exciting airboat ride with us and see the Florida Alligator in its natural environment ... the great Florida canals & swamps.

Most people do not know that much about the Florida Alligator. All the licensed captains with Tom and Jerry's Airboat Rides are a wealth of knowledge about them. While you are on your airboat ride in Central Florida, the captains will tell you more fun facts about the alligators, and if you bring your camera you can take photos of them while they smile at you.

Here we go

  1. The Florida Alligator was once on the brink of extinction.This part is true. Through tough State management, the Florida Alligator is now just protected, and with the abundance in their population, the state now offers Licensed Hunts to keep the population in check.
  2. The largest alligator on record was over 1000 pounds.
    this is also true. The largest Florida Alligator on record weighed in at a whopping  1,043 pound (13 feet 10-1/2 inches long) and was a male from Orange Lake in Alachua County.
  3. Alligators reach sexual maturity when they get around 7 feet long.
    Yup, this is also true. Well, some females can reach maturity at about 6 feet long.
  4. Alligators warm themselves by basking in the sun.Yes, Alligators are ectothermic and rely on external sources to maintain their body warmth. They cannot maintain a body temperature and have to soak up warmth from the sun.
  5. Alligators love tourists.Ok, this one is NOT true. Alligators may be opportunistic feeders, but they cannot chew their food so they prefer smaller mammals, birds and fish. With that being said, come on down and visit your friendly alligator today.

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Now you have some facts about the Florida Alligator come out and enjoy the beautiful waters of Central Florida. Make a reservation with Tom and Jerry's Airboat Rides that is located close to Tampa, Orlando, and The Villages.